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    brand words branding Brand Words

    Your brand is more than just your logo and slogan. It is how people feel after they interact with your business READ MORE

    Sheryl Sandberg Ban Bossy Part 2 'Bossy' or Not Part 2: How You Speak & Stand Can Hurt You

    Part two of Ban Bossy offers suggestions about several areas where you can increase your visibility and power, and help your own career or business. READ MORE

    Sheryl Sandberg Ban Bossy 'Bossy' or Not, Business Women Can Handicap Their Careers

    There has been a lot of media focus lately on Sheryl Sandberg's new campaign for empowering girls, Ban Bossy. READ MORE

    How to Write a Tagline that Doesn't Suck... How to Write a Tagline that Doesn't Suck...

    How to write a tagline that doesn't suck the energy right out of your brand name. Here's a cheat sheet to help you create a memorable tagline: READ MORE

    Women business owners under earn Why Women Business Owners Under Earn and What to Do About It

    Women entrepreneurs represent the largest growth of new business startups. We're doing it... READ MORE

    5 things great leaders say with ease 5 Things Great Leaders Say With Ease!

    Encouraging staff to simplify is key to wild productivity and intense profitability. When "simple" guides your organization, people narrow their focus and results... READ MORE

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