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The Naked Networker

Ebook - Networking. You know itís important. You know you need to do it. You just donít know how to do it. Thatís where Sarah Lochead-MacMillanís book, The Naked Networker; A Professional Womanís Networking Toolkit comes in. Donít worry - you can keep more than just your hat on. According to Sarah, not everyone is born to network, but everyone can learn. And learn they should. The simple truth is people prefer to do business with people they know or have at least met. Think about the number of services and products you buy because you know the business or the business owner. This doesnít mean you have to be neighbours, cousins, or swapping gifts at Christmas - it simply means you know them. Or you know somebody who knows and recommended them. Networking is not about selling, Sarah tells you on page one. Rather it is about building relationships which will, with consistent and sincere effort, bring you returns.

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