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Grow a Six-Figure Coaching Business

On Demand Course - Penelope Trunk grew a coaching business from $0 to $150K in just one year. In this course, she’ll walk you through the tactics she used so that you can apply them to your own specialty. The trick to making a good living from coaching is to understand marketing. This course will turn you into a master of efficient marketing so you can spend the majority of time doing what you love: helping people to transform their lives. Do you want to change people’s lives through coaching? This course will show you how to grow this business to six figures in just one year. For many people the hard part of a coaching business is not the actual coaching but rather the marketing required to get the type of clients who can benefit from coaching and who can afford to pay for it. This seminar teaches you how to position yourself as top among your competitors and to reach the dream clients who will bring your business to the next level.

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