Online Learning

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Self-Improvement Courses

The Wealthcare™ Program
The Wealthcare™ Program - With creative spirits in mind, these four popular e-courses relate to prosperity and spiritual abundance and are presented in a way that explodes your creativity within. No a... READ MORE

Learn the Secrets to Being an Unstoppable Woman
This On Demand Video Course will help you learn how to roll up your sleeves, make no excuses, and get what you want! You will learn how to be resourceful, how to say "No," build a strong support s... READ MORE

The Unstoppable Woman's Guide to Emotional Well-Being
This book is for women written by unstoppable female authors, coaches, and professionals to help you establish and maintain emotional wellness. Contributing Writer: Erika Gilchrist. Investment $19.95... READ MORE

The Secrets to Being an Unstoppable Woman
This book teaches women how to roll up their sleeves, make no excuses, and get what they want. It contains 9 chapters with vivid stories, exercises, illustrations, and thought-provoking content to get... READ MORE

Self Confidence in a Snap
Self Confidence in a SNAP is a one hour course. It includes 10 Learning Points intended to help you better understand what Confidence is, and how to increase your Self Confidence. ... READ MORE