characteristics of sales stars

3 Characteristics of Sales Stars

There are 3 identifiable reasons some people are better at sales than others:

  • They love what they do
  • They know their stuff
  • They have confidence

Loving what you do, in anything, puts you on the Big Stage. In sales it is a genuine interest in your customers and belief you have great value to offer that makes the difference. There are so many people in sales who don’t really want to be there. Some have the natural talents that could make them great sales people. But without that passion for their product or service, and passion to be of service to their customers they won’t find success or fulfillment in sales.

You have to know your stuff. If you don’t why would anyone want to talk to you? As a sales person you have to know why your customer is interested in what you have to offer. Really good sales people are constant learners and always on the lookout for knowledge that can benefit their customer. It’s what sets them apart from the crowd as a value added provider and not just another supplier.

Confidence is the difference maker in so many things and especially so in sales. When you have confidence there is this sense of knowing what to do that allows you to seize the moment and take action. Without confidence, fear and self doubt creep in and prevent you from acting on your instincts. There are many people who have great instincts but can’t rise up and take the shot when it’s right there in front of them. As the Great One, Wayne Gretzky, is quoted as saying, “You will always miss 100% of the shots you never take.”

Sales is the start of the customer creation process and what breathes life into the business. Everything you can do to improve your sales effectiveness will pay off for the customers and ourselves.

Christine Dubyts  |
Christine Dubyts is crazy about marketing and helping businesses stay in business, grow and prosper. As a fempreneur she has a special interest in working with other women business owners with their marketing and business growth efforts.