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3 Tips To Sell Your Book, eBook or Info Product

The famous marketing expert Seth Godin believes that true interactions only happen with people we trust, and that the decision to interact with your product or your brand happens before someone actually listens to what you have to say.

As an author or expert, you need to consider sharing your expertise through various multimedia channels to draw your audience towards your book or information product. If you provide content that is worth sharing, it can become part of a social conversation, which will increase awareness and trust (and, eventually, sales).

Here are three steps for you to build a community and a movement around your information product or book:

  1. Think outside the book or product
  2. Make your book or product come alive through multimedia
  3. Share and care


Marketing experts predict that books and products have to move more into the digital realm and adapt to how people interact with information. You can see this new marketing trend in the recent collaboration of Oprah and Brené Brown, the author of The gifts of Imperfection, when they launched an online course based on the book.

Creating an online course based on your book or your product is a way for people to engage with your ideas, set their goals, track their progress, share their successes, and get inspiration when they face challenges. If your readers act upon your ideas, they are more likely to see positive results, buy more products from you and tell others about you. This creates viral marketing for you and your business.

If you are not ready to build an online course, you can still extend the reach of your book or information product through multimedia solutions. For example, you can create an interview about your book or product and record it as a short video. You can use this video at your book signings, workshops, and other promotions. You can post it to YouTube and share it on your social media networking sites. That will instantly get you connected with your followers and make them want to check out your book or your product.

Now let's talk about how you can use multimedia solutions to appeal to the senses and information preferences of your audience.


Multimedia solutions are engaging because they tell your story across multiple platforms. They enrich your customer experience. For example, you may already have a set of activities or questions included in your book or your information product. You can turn these activities into multimedia learning modules that you can use across social media to generate discussions and get feedback.

They can also become a part of your online course. For example, you can create discussion guides for book clubs and mastermind groups. You can record mini video- or audio-lessons to email to your customers on a regular basis. You can develop contests based on your activities. You can even launch surveys and turn them into compelling infographics.

Now, let's discuss why community and connection should be the core of your brand and the path to increased income.


Traditionally, writing and reading have been solitary pursuits. Social media changed the way we interact with information. Now we have Goodreads, online author and book clubs where authors and readers discuss books and share their ideas. There are LinkedIn and Facebook groups for various areas of expertise. Your community has a big say in how your brand is perceived and trusted.

Multimedia learning modules offer a great way to build your community by generating the buzz around your ideas and providing an opportunity for your customers to connect, engage, and share their challenges and successes. Launching a virtual community can be as simple as building a Facebook page or a Linkedin group, or setting up a virtual book club.

Remember, if you choose not to use multimedia, you risk becoming irrelevant to new generations of readers and learners in the upcoming years. However, if you think outside the book (or the product), make your book or product come alive in multimedia, and share and care, you will soon stand out from the crowd of other authors and experts and create a strong virtual presence that can help you reach the state in your business where sky is the limit.

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Dr. Marina Kostina is a distance learning expert, and an online business coach. She helps small business owners to transcend distances and leverage their work online without losing personal connections with their clients. Marina is also a co-author of an Amazon Bestseller, "The Golden Climate in Distance Learning" that helps online trainers connect, engage and enjoy the online environment.