Office Space Tips

4 Easy Ideas to Brighten Up Your Office Space

Eye-Catching, French Tackable backsplash

There's nothing that clutters up your desk faster than all that paper—forms, files, business cards, shopping lists, you name it. A tackable surface is an easy way to clear your space and still keep everything you need within arm's reach and will completely change the look and feel of your space. You can customize a tackable French board simply by following the instructions at the following link:

Window Tratments

Why settle for boring blinds when you can use a colorful curtain to control your flow of natural light. Don't have a great view? You can still use a big bold pattern fabric as inspiring wall art.

Animate your walls with decals

I just love the concept of having wall decor that is more interesting than paint and less permanent than wallpaper. It's an unexpected change from the usual wall art and reasonably priced too – when our tastes change we can just remove the decals and start fresh.

Ergonomic task light

A crucial component to setting up your workstation is your lighting. If lighting make you uncomfortable such as eyestrain, dry eyes and fatigue then your work performance is going to decrease over the long term. There are enough demands and distractions that compete for our energy and concentration, straining to see should not be one of them. The task light should be easily adjustable, dimmable and place on the side to avoid glare and ensure an even and constant light distribution.

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