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Beyond the Perimeter - Marsha Trinder, TW Ranch

Owning a cattle and horse ranch in Manitoba doesn’t seem all that unique, but Marsha Trinder, co-owner of, T W Ranch near Russell, MB, doesn’t just have an ordinary cattle and horse ranch. Marsha breeds, raises and trains Tennessee Walking Horses in a natural ranch environment. Tennessee Walkers are a breed of gaited horse known for their unique four-beat ‘running walk’ and flashy movement. They were originally developed in the southern US for use on farms and plantations, but today they are a popular riding horse due to their calm disposition, smooth gaits and sure-footedness. (Source: Wikipedia)

T W Ranch provides information and training to their customers on saddles, saddle fitting, farrier care, and natural horsemanship. They sell saddles and tack and in May they run an annual gaited horse clinic every May for owners of gaited horses. The clinician of the event is a respected gaited horse trainer from the US and it brings everyone’s knowledge of their horse to a higher standard. “Plus they get to have some good ole fashioned fun with their horses,” said Marsha.

Clients of the Ranch come from as far west as Vancouver, as far east as Toronto, as far north as Flin Flon, and down into the US. “In the past our demographic was primarily ‘babyboomer’ women with disposable income,” stated Trinder, but now they serve more men, couples and families.


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