art reflections of a woman entrepreneur

Art Reflections of a Woman Entrepreneur

Definition: "art"

The definition of art is: "the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture."

Definition: "artist"

The definition of an artist is:  “a person whose creative work shows sensitivity and imagination.”

Whether it’s drawing a picture, doing needlepoint, sculpting a bowl, or airbrushing a tattoo, it is all art. Engaging in artistic endeavours soothes the soul. I call it letting your creative monster loose. We all have a creative monster; sometimes it needs coaxing to bring it out. As far back as I remember, I have loved working on art projects. It is relaxing, invigorating and fun. It can create an island of calm in a stressful day. Art should be practiced often.

I made my first pre-surgery cast about 8 years ago. A beautiful lady I know was scheduled for a mastectomy and she wanted a cast of her torso to preserve her pre surgery shape. We got together and took a mold of her breasts in her living room. There were a few laughs along with a few tears; it was bittersweet but she immediately said she felt better. She regained a little bit of control that day. She went on and had the surgery and I filled the mold with pristine white plaster after which I carefully smoothed it until it was as soft as a baby’s bottom. Since then, I have done many molds (far too many, in my opinion). Some have been made with the pristine white plaster, like the glorious Greek statues of old, while others have been painted in a riot of pattern and colour. Each and every cast is special and each and every woman is unique and exquisite. I am looking forward to the day when we can just create casts for the sheer fun of it and not have to create a record of something before it’s lost.

Everyone has their own definition about what constitutes art. We enjoy having art in our homes and workplaces. Art can also be a very worthwhile investment, growing in value over the years. Many families pass cherished art pieces from one generation to the next.

Art in general, is an expression of who we are. In the movie, Monuments Men, someone says, if you destroy someone’s art, it is like they never existed. That may be true but what I know for sure is that in our crazy techno world we shouldn’t forget to smell the roses, enjoy that painting and relax with a cup of tea as often as possible.

Wendy A. Smith  |
Wendy Smith is the founder and president of bressanté and a Certified Prosthetist and Clinical Anaplastologist. She has built an international reputation for excellence in the development of new techniques for creating highly detailed, medically and aesthetically accurate, fine prosthetic devices such as hands, fingers, ears, noses and breasts. bressanté Inc. provides help for women to a choose prosthetic solution that best fits them.