fempreneurs questions for the coach

Fempreneurs Q & A with the Coach!

What kind of questions do people ask life coaches?

Managing stress, raising a family, listening to the call of your heart and everything else that busy women juggle in their day can leave you feeling worn out, confused and wanting to run away! Don't lose heart! Here are some answers to show you that you're not alone and you're doing great!

I have a great family life and my business is running well but I still feel like I want more. Is there something wrong with me? Why can't I be happy with what I have?

Who told you that you have to stop at great family and successful business? There is nothing wrong with wanting more; it just means that there is a part of you that needs to be explored and expressed - a part that wants to grow. This is natural for human beings who are actively engaged in their lives! You may have a secret dream or a hidden desire to do something creative or adventurous that was put aside while you were building your life and answering to the expectations of others. It sounds like it's time for you to pursue those dreams and desires. Enjoy the life you have created right now, express your gratitude every day and make some space to pursue the "thing" that will make your heart sing!

How do I manage my stress?

First of all, do you really need one more thing to manage? Why not set a goal to eliminate stress altogether? Start by getting crystal clear about who you are and what is important to you. Then create a vision for your life and your work or business. When you don't have a vision, other people will have one for you and that is the perfect breeding ground for dangerous stress levels! Once you have your vision, ask yourself this question: "What are all the tasks that I am doing for others and myself that I don't like to do?" Then begin to eliminate, delegate and say no to everything that doesn't fulfill you, make you come alive and match your vision. We are rarely stressed because we have too much to do. We are stressed because we are doing too many of the tasks and activities that have no meaning or joy for us!

I'm so disorganized! Can you recommend a good system to help me get everything under control?

I can, but it's not a classic organizational system. If you want to get organized you need to start with why you are disorganized. Are you clear about what is most important to you? Do all of your activities and commitments, work and relationships align with your values and with what brings you joy? Are you able to say "no" easily, frequently and without guilt? Do you believe you are a valuable, worthy woman who deserves to have an organized, ease-filled and joyful life? Once you have clarity and answers to these questions you will have the basis for your own personal organizational and time management system.

Can I really run a business and raise a family, too? Is that even fair to consider?

Of course you can do both! Why would you want to limit yourself to one or the other? There is great joy and challenge in raising a family but it can limit you in how you express all of your gifts, talents and strengths. Running a business that you enjoy allows you to use your strengths in other ways that give you a different kind of fulfillment and satisfaction with your life. Your reasons for running a business and raising a family must be very clear and must align with your core values and with what is right for you (and you alone). Otherwise, you will end up struggling, worn out and uninspired.

Is it fair to do both? Let me ask you: "Is it fair for you to squash the desires of your heart? What kind of example do you set for your family if you do not explore and express your greatest potential? How will your children know what to do in their lives if they do not have you setting a powerful, creative example for them?" Enough said!

Deb Dawson-Dunn  |  www.getitdunn.ca
Deb Dawson-Dunn of Get It Dunn is a Personal Leadership Coach who is dedicated to helping women entrepreneurs build their confidence, maintain their balance and reconnect to their joy. Her new program can be found at www.DiscoveringYourPathtoJoy.com.