focus for success

Focus for Success

Charles Shultz (1922-2000) was a master cartoonist. He was also a man who knew what he wanted. His early comics were rejected time and again, but that didn't stop him from sticking with what he loved. Finally, on October 2, 1950, the Peanuts comic strip made its first appearance.

Now, this isn't a biography on Charles Shultz or the Peanuts strip but we can learn a few things by examining both.

Shultz's most famous strip was the one shown above. No matter how hard Charlie Brown tried, no matter how hard he focused on kicking the football - he never succeeded - landing flat on his back every single time. Now, take another look at the strip. If you see it from a different perspective, Lucy has incredible focus. She knows exactly what she wants and succeeds time after time in her quest to humiliate poor ole' Charlie Brown with absolutely no remorse.

And while this famous comic strip is fiction and has no factual or even symbolic basis, the success of Charles Shultz, and his focus on creating only one GREAT comic strip, is something we can take a lesson from.

FOCUS! If you try to be all things to all people you'll end up not doing anything really well. But if you focus on what you do well and produce exceptional work, your efforts will not go unrewarded.

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