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Healthy Marriage & Entrepreneurial Success Go Hand in Hand

Over my two decades of work as a relationship expert helping entrepreneurs create success in their business and marriage and family life - virtually every successful entrepreneur I've worked with has expressed gratitude about how their spouses have made it possible for them to follow their dreams. Following is an excerpt from my new book: "Not Tonight Dear, I've Got a Business to Run!" that demonstrates this point.

"The benefits for the entrepreneur of having a supportive spouse ... can be numerous. Many entrepreneurs view it as the best of two worlds. They have someone who offers advice, encouragement, and assistance, without the legal hassles of sharing control with a formal business partner. They are better businessmen or women because of the contributions of their spouses, and all the profits of the business return to the family. They are truly "in it", this thing called life, together. Their spouse's support of their dreams enables them to do the work they love to do. Pulling together to conquer the challenges of entrepreneurship deepens their love and respect for their life partner."

As thrilling as it can be to follow your entrepreneurial dream, it presents many varied twists and turns along the way. Having a spouse/partner that supports you when your entrepreneurial dream appears to have hit a roadblock is often the difference between "staying the course" and not giving up on your dream. And there are many different ways your partner can support you when you hit a roadblock. This support might take the form of not making disparaging comments and just staying out of your way - or suggesting a different path to pursue your goals. Either way, having the unconditional love and support of your partner often makes all the difference between perseverance - which often leads to success and throwing in the towel, because you get sick of hearing: "when is this business of yours going to start making money" or the various forms it may take.

It is your life to live - however, the life we live directly impacts those we love. Consider the impact your entrepreneurial work will have on your spouse and your family life, and then create a family plan that includes conversations with your spouse to insure success in your business does not come at the expense of happiness in your marriage and family life.

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