How Are Those Resolutions Treating You?

How Are Those Resolutions Treating You?

The holiday cheer is a distant memory and the ornaments and festive décor are packed and stored away for another year. Are your good intentions, goals and resolutions boxed up and out of sight already, too?

We typically look at the brand new year as a clean slate of opportunity. And like any fempreneur worth her salt, we've got no shortage of ideas and dreams to fill it up.

One of my favourite quotes is, "A goal without a plan is just a wish," first spoken by Antoine de Saint-Exupery many centuries ago. And to this, I add ... a vision without a plan is just a hallucination.

It's important to dream big.
It's also important to plan.

The problem is that for most of us, we bite off more than we can chew. We set ambitious goals and design impressive visions of what our success will look like, without spending time figuring out what it takes to actually achieve it.

Or, we plan. And plan. And plan some more. And fail to implement a single piece of the plan, waiting for it to be perfect.

Ultimately, we get the results of all the work we didn't do. And the way it makes us feel about ourselves wields the worst damage of all.

Here's a formula to help you reframe your thoughts when things aren't going the way you had envisioned (or planned).

CIRCUMSTANCES trigger THOUGHTS that cause FEELINGS that lead to ACTIONS that get RESULTS

Here's how it could play out:

Circumstance: Sales aren't on target and the marketing plan is not on schedule.

Thought: Marketing is pushy. I feel like a pesky salesperson and that people don't want to hear from me.

Feeling: I feel discouraged and I'm not getting anywhere. I'm not good at this and people won't like me. I'm bugging them. I'm never going to get a client again.

Action: Awkward, weak discussions with prospects and procrastinating follow up.

Result: No progress on goal.

What happens when the thought changes:

Circumstance: Sales aren't on target and the marketing plan is not on schedule.

Thought: Marketing is important and I am giving people who are interested in what I do the opportunity to make huge changes. This is rewarding and has value for both of us.

Feeling: I feel motivated, confident and open and alert to opportunities that fit. I'm great at what I do and I know there are perfect clients out there just waiting for me.

Action: Sincere and passionate discussions with qualified prospects. Take advantage of every opportunity to spread the word.

Result: Positive relationships and profile leading to more business opportunities and sales.

Of course, it takes more work than a simple cut and paste of your thoughts. But being aware of the origin of your discomfort, and having the courage to realize when it is having a negative affect on your actions, is a constructive effort you can make to achieve greater results, personally and professionally.

Dream big, plan for success, and watch those thoughts. Make it a great year!

Sherri Garrity  |
Sherri is a business strategist who's determined that no one should have to quit their business to return to a J.O.B. to earn good money! She helps entrepreneurs design business models that allow them to enjoy life and love what they do. She walked away from a successful marketing career and a raise to start her own virtual coaching and training business so she could work from the middle of nowhere with clients from anywhere.