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I Need Somebody - Ask for help!

"Would you like help out with your groceries today?"

This was the question that I was waiting for as I paid for my groceries. I was recovering from major surgery and was slowly getting back into my usual routines. I was under strict instructions to keep the walking to a minimum and definitely no heavy lifting. So, for the first time in my life, I needed help with my groceries and today I planned to say "yes" when the habitual question was asked.

She didn't ask.

Guess what I did next? I pushed my cart out of the store and then proceeded to unpack the grocery bags, one item at a time, until the bag was light enough for me to lift. Then, I repacked the bags that were now in my car, one item at a time.

I'm not proud of this story but I am sharing it to make a point. The point is, it's time for us to start asking for help. Most of us don't ask for help, in fact, most of us don't even accept help when it's offered. But not asking for or not accepting help makes life much harder and is one of the reasons why we are so tired so much of the time.

I know, I know...I can hear you already..."but Deb, if I ask for help, I'll look weak...I'll lose my makes me vulnerable...then I'll be indebted to them and what if I can't pay them back...what if they say's faster if I do it myself..." I have heard every excuse in the book about why you can't/shouldn't/won't ask for help and here is what I have to say about each one:

"It takes a strong person to know when they need help and to ask for it. We are not meant to be independent but rather interdependent. With all of these people on the planet, we need some way to connect and build relationships and we can't build any deep or satisfying relationships without being vulnerable. People don't help others just to get something in return, they help because it makes them feel good and lets' them use their skills and strengths. Wouldn't you like to help others feel good? It's pretty rare that someone would say no to helping you – don't you usually help others when you are asked? If they do say no, it's not because you are a bad, weak or needy person, it's because they just aren't able to help. In the long run most things take longer to do by yourself and require more energy so getting help will give you more time and energy that you can use to do something fun!"

You are worthy and deserving of help and support. Start asking for help today and give others the opportunity to feel good and use their gifts. Give yourself the gift of receiving help – it's an important step in creating a more meaningful and joyful life!

Deb Dawson-Dunn  |
Deb Dawson-Dunn of Get It Dunn is a Personal Leadership Coach who is dedicated to helping women entrepreneurs build their confidence, maintain their balance and reconnect to their joy. Her new program can be found at