marketing moments of truth

Marketing & Moments of Truth

Every employee is a representative of your business, or a "touch point." Every time a customer comes into contact with anyone or anything related to your company is an opportunity to make an impression. From biz cards to signs, to your receptionist, your facebook page, your brochures, menus, etc., etc. These touch points are literally "moments of truth." And you need to make sure everyone and everything is communicating the same message.

Examine EVERY touch point in your organization, not just the marketing tactics and sales tools. You may be surprised at how many you actually have. If we use a restaurant as an example, There's the traditional flyer that appears in the mail box. The person you make your reservation with, the sign outside the building, the parking lot, the coat check, the entry way, the host(ess), the wait staff, the menu, the actual restaurant, the bathrooms, the food of course, the bill (how is it presented?). All of these points of contact are part of the entire experience and need to be considered from a marketing perspective.

Write down your moments of truth and figure out how you can make an impression at each one. Wow them, get them talking about "something" extraordinary in their experience. Wouldn't it be cool to discover your car had been completely detailed while you dined? How many people would you tell?

Christine Dubyts  |
Christine Dubyts is crazy about marketing and helping businesses stay in business, grow and prosper. As a fempreneur she has a special interest in working with other women business owners with their marketing and business growth efforts.