youve got eight seconds

You've Got 8 Seconds!

Being different is no longer a recreational pursuit for small business owners; it is a matter of survival for your company. In a world of 8 second attention spans, you must stand out from the crowd, or you will disappear in the ocean of information in a matter of seconds. So how do you get noticed online? In this article I will share five tips that will help you capture the attention of the click'n'go generation, and boost your online presence.

Tip # 1: Tell a story

Telling a story is the most powerful way to capture others' attention and be unique at the same time. A story is something you visualize rather than intellectualize. It makes you connect with other people on the emotional level, and people are motivated when you push their emotional buttons. Stories allow you to instantly draw people's attention to your words, enchant and persuade your audience without having "to pitch" to them.

Tip # 2: Create space

There is nothing wrong with getting inspiration from others. Follow people you admire, read their work, put your researcher hat on and dive into the topic of interest. However, when the time comes to relate the ideas to your audience, remove yourself from those who inspired you, and create a space around yourself. Don't watch, read, or listen to anyone, and try to retell what you have learned through your own experiences, your own voice, tapping into your own creative powers.

Tip # 3: Shift the locus of control

Make your audience the super heroes of your company and active participants of your message. Whether we like it or not most people are occupied with thoughts of themselves 95% of the time. Try to use this to be noticed. Make your audience the stars of your message, interact with them, ask for their opinion, let them tell you what THEY want to hear, and satisfy their requests

Tip # 4: Be concise

As the famous Russian writer Anton Chekhov said, "Brevity is a sister of talent". Remember that your reader's attention span online is 8 seconds! Make your point quickly, and choose your words wisely. You will not only stand out from the crowd but you will also be remembered!

Tip # 5: Get a life

If you sit by your computer all day long striving to create something interesting that will make you stand out from the crowd you are dooming yourself to failure. Get out, do things, experiment, travel, and bring those experiences back to see how they will reshape your message and make you interesting and attractive to others.

Try incorporating these five tips this week, and share your success stories with us!

Dr. Marina Kostina  |
Dr. Marina Kostina is a distance learning expert, and an online business coach. She helps small business owners to transcend distances and leverage their work online without losing personal connections with their clients. Marina is also a co-author of an Amazon Bestseller, "The Golden Climate in Distance Learning" that helps online trainers connect, engage and enjoy the online environment.