Ranchelle Alexander

Alexander Twomey Business Consulting
Camrose, AB CA

About Ranchelle

As a business development coach, I take business theories like Social Media Marketing, Networking, Advertising, and help you create a step-by-step blueprint for success. Specializing in the relationship between your (social) on-line presence and your off-line marketing. I provide our clients with a blueprint of plans, strategies, action items and time lines in order for them to achieve their desired outcomes. We work only with individuals who are committed to the process as the transformation of their business does not happen overnight. In the traditional world we would be called an Advertising and Marketing Agency. With the change in consumer behaviour we focus on what our client needs and are able to offer them a variety of solutions so that they can increase their revenue. Specialities: Marketing strategist, connecting people to each other through networking, ideas and concepts that would create a better business, holding people accountable, asking the tough questions.

Ranchelle is a Women Business Owners Today Contributing Writer

  1. ON Your Business vs IN Your Business  (Published: 2014-04-01)