Biz Chicks Network

Contributing Writer

Yes! We accept bylined articles for our website and quarterly ezines.

Writers Guidelines:

  • 500-800 words
  • Written from an objective viewpoint
  • Original to the author and unpublished elsewhere
  • Articles should offer readers actionable advice, takeaways, how-to tips, Top XX, etc.
  • Topics of articles should be of particular interest to women business owners, mompreneurs, women business professionals, female solopreneurs, CEO's, etc.
  • We request you start your article with a list of a few points summarizing the key takeaways or tips that will be imparted
  • If your article makes mention of businesses / companies, etc., where you have a vested interest, please disclose this information in the article
  • The author retains copyright, but Women Business Owners Today may reuse your piece, with full attribution, in Women Business Owners Today products, which may include marketing materials.
  • We do not pay guest contributors for their occasional articles.

Please Do Not Call to Query or Follow up on a Submission:
We read every query carefully, but only contact those whose articles we publish.

We Cannot Provide Comments on Unaccepted Material:
Due to the large volume of articles we receive, we are unable to evaluate each writer's work personally.

Articles accepted for publication will be edited for clarity and brevity and to conform to the Women Business Owners Today writing style. This may include the title.

So, if you are interested in joining our list of esteemed contributing writers join our BizChicks Network and get started today. If you do not qualify to become a BizChick (i.e., male; business or organization, etc., please email us at